Silicon-based hybrid anode in the battery metal industry

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Welcome to NEO Battery Materials LTD.

NEO Battery Materials Ltd. (TSXV: NBM) (OTCQB: NBMFF) is a Vancouver-based company focused on silicon materials for lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles. The Company is focusing on developing silicon anode materials, NBMSiDE™, through proprietary nanocoating layers that provide improvements in the capacity and efficiency over lithium-ion batteries using pure graphite in the anode active material. The Company intends to become a silicon anode active materials supplier to the electric vehicle industry.

Robust Technology

Make a Big Shift in Battery Technology

NEO's Silicon Anodes are the next step to target longer-lasting batteries with an increase in energy density while controlling the volume expansion problem

Proprietary Silicon Technology

NEO Silicon Anode Nanocoating Technology

NEO Battery Materials Ltd. patented technology utilizes a proprietary nanocoating process for silicon (Si) anodes. Our technology effectively scatters the stress from the Si anode, compensating mechanical stress during a long-term cycling test.

Boosting Energy Density & Significantly Increasing Battery Life Cycle
Ultra-Flexibility to Counter Volume Expansion
Ultra-Fast Charging Capability through Better Wettability and Superior Affinity to Liquid Carbonate Electrolytes
NEO BM Magic Nanocoating Si Anode
One-Pot, Single-Step Solution Coating Process
No High Temperature, High Pressure or Vacuum
Low-Cost Coating Materials
NEO is currently in a two-track development of its anode on 1) Si nanoparticles and 2) Metallurgical-Grade Si microparticles

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