NEO Silicon Anode Nanocoating Technology

NEO Battery Materials Ltd. patented technology utilizes proprietary nanocoating layers for silicon (Si) anodes. Our technology effectively scatters the stress from the Si anode, compensating mechanical stress during a long-term cycling test.


The three types of products, NBMSiDE-P100, NBMSiDE-P200, and NBMSiDE-C100 are manufactured through NEO’s proprietary nanocoating technology and are based on metallurgical-grade silicon with purities of at least 99.95%. NEO’s products have all achieved an initial coulombic efficiency (ICE) greater than 86%, and high specific capacity (>2500 mAh/g). In addition, an ICE of 92% or higher can be attained when NEO’s silicon is mixed with existing graphite anodes. NEO’s technology significantly improves the life span and cycling stability compared to conventional metallurgical silicon-based particles. The Company is on schedule to target commercial-scale production of these materials by the first half of 2024.

Performance Advantage I

Boosting Energy Density & Significantly Increasing Battery Life Cycle

Performance Advantage II

Ultra-Flexibility to Counter Volume Expansion

Performance Advantage III

Ultra-Fast Charging Capability through Better Wettability and Superior Affinity to Liquid Carbonate Electrolytes

Process Advantage

Cost-Effective and Efficient One-Pot, Single-Step Nanocoating Process