NBM Silicon Anode Active Materials

NEO Battery Materials’ Patented Technology employs elastic nanocoating materials to encapsulate the entire surface area of silicon particles.

The Elastic Encapsulation Matrix effectively scatters mechanical stress from silicon’s volume expansion problem to enable durability and stability in long-term cycling tests, high energy density, and ultra-fast charging capabilities.


NEO Battery Materials’ Silicon Anode Active Materials, NBMSiDE®, significantly enhance the Cycle Life Span and Stability to enable a >20% increased electric vehicle driving range and ultra-fast charging capabilities. NBMSiDE® Materials display High Specific Capacities of >2,000 mAh/g and Initial Coulombic Efficiencies (ICE) of >86%.


All Three Silicon Anode Products, NBMSiDE®-P100, NBMSiDE®-P200, and NBMSiDE®-C100, are manufactured through NBM’s Proprietary All-in-One Manufacturing Process and are based on a Low-Cost Input Precursor – Metallurgical-Grade Silicon. These two process innovations allow a 60 to 70% cost reduction compared to silicon anode competitors.

Performance Advantage I

Boosting Energy Density & Significantly Increasing Battery Life Cycle

Performance Advantage II

Ultra-Flexibility to Counter Volume Expansion

Performance Advantage III

Ultra-Fast Charging Capability through Increased Surface Area Contact and Superior Affinity to Liquid Carbonate Electrolytes