Two-Track NEO Si Anode Development

NEO is currently in a two-track development of its anode on 1) Si nanoparticles and 2) Metallurgical-Grade Si microparticles

Silicon nanoparticles partially resolve the cracking issue during lithium insertion when charging, but the technical and engineering difficulty of manufacturing results in high input costs. On average, silicon microparticles are known to be 8 to 10 times more cost-effective than nanoparticles; however, the problem lies with the performance at the micron size.

NEO is hence developing its nanocoating technology with both Si nano and microparticles to enable mass adoption into lithium-ion batteries. In a recent test, NEO has achieved performance effectiveness with metallurgical-grade Si microparticles, enabling a 6-minute charging level without major capacity loss in the cell.